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On the "Days" page you set for each day of the trip in which country you were at 24 o'clock. On the last day , set the country where you last worked. To do this, click on the respective country. This selection is used for the calculation of per diems and per diems for overnight stays. You will have those countries available that you have set as your starting point or destination on the "Trip" page.

Please note:

  1. For some countries, there are still special regulations for per diems and accommodations for certain cities and the respective travel period. These cities are also blended in. If you have stayed in the respective city, select it, they will usually receive a higher flat rate
  2. If a country is missing, select this country as (another) destination on the "Travel" page
  3. If necessary, use the menu via the 3 vertical dots to quickly change all days/nights
  4. If a hotel voucher is entered, the overnight flat rate is not applicable and can therefore not be selected for the respective night(s)
  5. If a day is displayed in orange, check if you really do not want to claim a per diem on that day
  6. If a night is displayed in orange, check if you really do not want to claim an accommodation allowance on that day or if you forgot to enter a hotel voucher. Possibly the accommodation allowance on this day is higher than the hotel voucher. In this case, it is recommended not to submit the hotel receipt in order to receive a higher reimbursement (in the case of employees).
  7. As a business owner, it is not allowed to select an accommodation allowance
  8. There is no accommodation allowance on the last day of the trip 
  9. if the trip is shorter than 8 hours, no lump sum is granted
  10. for the special case of the"midnight rule", see here. If you want to activate the midnight rule, select "Trip without overnight stay" when you are offered this option
If the person of the trip is blocked, the days of the trip can no longer be processed.
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