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On the 'Trip' page, enter the general data of your trip. 

The trip name must be entered.

Start of trip and End of trip are the date and time when you left your home or your  first place of work.

If you activated  Cost Centers/Cost Units under Settings -> Administration,you can assign a cost centre and a cost unit to the trip. 

Start and  Destinations/Countries will be used later for selecting the countries and cities in you have travelled. It is therefore necessary to enter them here. If you have travelled to several countries, add more destinations with the symbol at the end of the "Destination" line.

Save your trip when you have entered all the information. The summary on the right side only shows you current values after saving.

  If you are a deputy, administrator or account owner, you must select the person for a new trip , for whom this trip is.
If the person on the trip is blocked, the trip can no longer be edited.
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