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On the Rides page, enter the rides for this trip. Click on the field "Enter a new ride for this trip" or on the green circle with the plus sign to create a new ride.

  1. Use the menu with the three vertical dots to copy or delete rides.
  2. Click on the headings in the table (if you have activated the table view via the menu with the three vertical dots on the map at the top right) to sort the rides. 

Rides whose kilometres have been calculated automatically are shown with an A. This is not shown if the kilometres of a ride were entered manually.

Spesenfuchs uses the statutory kilometre flat rate for calculating the rides. For rides by car you can use an individual kilometre rate. Store this in the settings in the account assignment area. 


  If the person of the trip is locked, the rides of the trip can no longer be edited.

Kilometre flat rate versus commuter flat rate

The kilometre lump sum is calculated for business trips, while the commuter lump sum refers to the daily commute to work.

If you make rides in your private car on a business or official trip, then you can apply the kilometre flat rate of currently €0.30. If you want to apply a higher rate, then Spesenfuchs will calculate the taxable portion for you, if applicable.

Unlike the kilometre allowance, the commuter allowance does not refer to business trips, but to the way to work. In this case, the commute is the route from the employee's place of residence to his or her regular place of work. With the lump-sum commuter allowance, there is the possibility of deducting the distance between these two places from tax once a day in the form of a lump sum. This calculation is not supported by Spesenfuchs.

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