The document name is not a required field. However, we recommend that you enter a unique designation in order to be able to distinguish the document from other, possibly similar documents.

The document type you select determines the account to which this document will be posted. Depending on the setting, this is an account from SKR03 or SKR04.

For the payment method, the payment methods that are stored and active in the settings under Payment methods in your account are suggested. The payment type determines the contra account of the posting for this document.

The date of the receipt must be within the travel period and represents the date when, for example, a flight took place. The voucher date is the date that appears on the voucher, e.g. the date of the invoice for this flight. The receipt date can also be outside the travel period. The correct VAT is also automatically selected via the document date.

Spesenfuchs tries to automatically determine the VAT (in case of German voucher) depending on the voucher type and partly also on the amount of the voucher. However, you should check them and correct them if necessary.

For currencies, the currencies used in the selected start and destination locations are suggested. Euro countries are divided into Germany (Euro) and other countries (Euro). VAT can be selected for documents with the currency Germany (Euro), but not for the other currencies.

If a receipt was entered in the past and the selected payment types or currencies are no longer available for this trip, they will still be displayed. This is the case when the country of the trip has been changed or the display of the payment method has been turned off.

You can take receipt images for each receipt with your smartphone/tablet or upload them from your photo library. On the PC, select the file you want from your hard drive and then upload it. You can use PDF, PNG, JPEG, JPG and GIF type files. Make sure each file is no larger than 10MB and a PDF has no more than 15 pages.

Automatic document recognition (OCR)

You can use the automatic document recognition to read the data from an uploaded document. This simplifies the input of your receipts, because Spesenfuchs tries to fill all fields with correct values. Only the payment method must always be chosen by you.

Use document recognition

  • If you want to use automatic document recognition, turn on the Document recognition switch.
  • First upload a receipt, if necessary, only then enter further data in the form. When you first enter data into the form, the document identifier is temporarily turned off to avoid accidental overwriting by the document identifier.
  • Once you have uploaded the receipt, Spesenfuchs tries to recognize the individual data.
  • If Spesenfuchs has detected fields, they will be colored green for a short time.
  • Check the result and make corrections.

Tips for better document recognition results

  • The quality of uploaded images is crucial for good results.
  • Avoid blurry shots, handwritten receipts, and poor lighting.
  • Photograph the document without a background or with a plain, dark background. There are several scanning apps for your smartphone that create better quality receipts than the built-in photo feature.

BETA status

We have tested the document recognition extensively. However, due to the large number of different vouchers, it is possible that certain vouchers are not recognized so well and that errors may occur, for example, when recognizing the correct VAT amount or voucher type. Our claim is that we offer you the greatest possible comfort with this function and that you have to correct as little as possible. For this reason, the function is currently in the BETA phase. Help to further improve the function. If you identify vouchers that are poorly recognized and you have considered the above tips, feel free to email our support.

Special cases of documents

Entertainment costs

Here you can enter hosted persons, place and occasion of the hosting. These data are output in the reports.


A hotel receipt, unlike the other receipt types, has an arrival and departure date and, in the case of a German hotel receipt, also allows the cost of breakfast or business package to be entered separately. These data are output in the reports and used for calculation.


Here you can enter the name of the recipient. These data are output in the reports.