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Trip summary

The summary lists the following data for the trip shown:

  1. total amount of reimbursement (i.e. sum of b,c and f minus e).
  2. Number of all trips and their sum
  3. Number of days and sum of per diems
  4. number of nights and sum of overnight per diems and hotel receipts
  5. number and total of deductions from per diems for meals received 
  6. Number of receipts spent privately and their total except hotel receipts

Meaning of the colours

If the symbol for nights is displayed in the colour orange, one of the following applies:

  1. Overnight per diem is higher than hotel receipts on at least one of the trip days. It is advisable not to submit the hotel receipt for this day, as the overnight per diem is higher (in the case of salaried employees).
  2. Neither hotel receipt nor accommodation allowance for at least one of the travel days. Here you should check whether you have forgotten to enter a hotel receipt for this night or whether you want to select an overnight per diem. Otherwise, you will not receive payment for that night.

If the symbol for the days is displayed in the colour orange, then at least one of the days does not have a per diem set. In this case, check whether you really do not want to claim an overnight per diem for this day.

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