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PDF export

You can access the PDF export either from the "CREATE PDF" tab within a trip or by selecting one or more trips on the trip overview for printing. If you have selected several trips, you will see a table with all selected trips in the upper part of the window.

Here you can 

  • Travel expense report
  • Receipt list
  • Rides
  • Booking list

view and print the reports.

Depending on what resolution (screen size) you have, you will see different layouts of the page. 

  • On large screens, you can switch between the 4 report types in the left-hand pane by clicking on a report. You will then see this report enlarged on the right. Click on the magnifying glass in the enlarged area at the top right and you will see the report in full screen.
  • On medium screens you see the 4 reports and can click on the magnifying glass within these reports to see the respective report as a full screen.
  • On small screens you see a so-called "carousel" and can switch between the reports by clicking on the arrows on the right and left at the edge of the screen or by making a swiping motion (on mobile devices). Here, too, you can click on the magnifying glass to see the respective report in full screen.

Within the dialogue with the respective report, you can click on the name of the report to display another report directly in the dialogue, e.g. change from travel expense report to booking list. 

In the settings you can set which reports you print and whether you want to include in your final document those reports that are "empty". A travel expense report cannot be empty. A receipt list is empty if the trip does not contain any receipts. A "Rides" report is empty if the trip has no rides. A booking list is empty if there are no bookings for the trip. You can also set that uploaded images of receipts are to be printed.

Click on "CREATE PDF" to display a PDF document for downloading or printing that contains the selected trips (according to the options). You will need a PDF reader to print or view the document.

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