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On the "Receipts" page, enter the receipts for this trip. Click on the "Enter a new receipt for this trip" field or on the green circle with the plus sign to create a new receipt.

  • With the menu with the three vertical dots you can copy or delete receipts. Hotel receipts cannot be copied because there can only be one hotel receipt for a period.
  • Click on the headings in the table (if you have activated the table view via the menu with the three vertical dots on the card at the very top right) to sort the documents.

Meaning of the colors

  • Vouchers with inactive payment types are gray
  • Vouchers with payment types, the amount of which is disbursed, are green
  • Vouchers with payment types whose amount is not paid out are blue
  If the person of the trip is blocked, the receipts of the trip can no longer be processed.
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