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Addison: Import accounting records and vouchers

Import accounting records with voucher image linking from Spesenfuchs to Addison.

Generate export in Spesenfuchs

  1. Export the desired period in Spesenfuchs. Select "DATEV - Accounting data and voucher images".
  2. Click on "Preview" and check the trips to be exported.
  3. Start the export.
  4. Download the generated export file.

Manual preparation of the export file 

  1. Please unzip the ZIP file "Buchung_und_Beleg....zip" first and open the folder afterwards.
  2. Now unzip the folder "Nicht_entpacken_Buchung_und_Beleg....zip".
  3. Now move the booking batch "EXTF_Buchungsstapel..." into the folder "Nicht_entpacken_Buchung_und_Beleg..." so that the CSV file can be found in the same folder as the document images.

Import the booking records into Addison

  1. Open the inventory of the client whose accounting records you want to import.
  2. In the "Accounting" tab, select → "Other" → "Data transfer" in the drop-down.
  3. A list should appear on the left-hand side. There, please select the item "Datev" directly under "DatevPro driver".
  4. You should now see the following screen:
  5. Please now select the booking batch by clicking on the three dots behind "Import file".
  6.  Select "Company codes" to set the desired company code. 
  7. You can then select "Clients" to check the automatic allocation.
  8.  In order to transfer the document images to Addison, please switch to the tab "Options" in the import mask and activate the option "Archive documents" there. 
  9. Click on "Import" to import both the booking batch and the documents to Addison.

Create free fields

Addison may not recognise all fields from the export file in the standard setting. This results in error messages during import. If you do not want to discard the data from these fields, we recommend that you create these fields as free fields in Addison. You do this in the master settings. The menu item is called "Manage free fields/bookings".

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