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BuchhaltungsButler Export Interface


BuchhaltungsButler is an online accounting software. If you use BuchhaltungsButler, you can configure the interface here and automatically transfer all bookings and receipts to BuchhaltungsButler.

BuchhaltungsButler API-KEY

To connect to BuchhaltungsButler, you need your personal API-KEY from BuchhaltungsButler. You use this to authenticate yourself as a user with BuchhaltungsButler. You can find the API-KEY in the BuchhaltungsButler application under Settings -> API Access. Select the partner service Spesenfuchs here and activate it. Your API-KEY will then be displayed there. Copy the complete API-KEY and paste it into Spesenfuchs in the API-KEY field.

Interface active

You must activate the interface so that you can use it. To do this, tick the checkbox Interface active. This will show the export to BuchhaltungsButler in the export targets (only relevant for manual export) and you can set further options.

Synchronise automatically

You can carry out a manual export to BuchhaltungsButler if you select BuchhaltungsButler under Export in the main menu. However, the automatic export is much more convenient. Once you have finished setting up the interface, you no longer have to do anything for the export in future. Every completed trip is automatically transferred to BuchhaltungsButler during the night. You can then see on the dashboard in the Export area whether the transfer was successful or whether you have to enter missing information manually.

Send e-mail to me after automatic export

Through this option you will receive an e-mail when the automatic export has been executed and data has been transferred or an error has occurred. If there are no trips for the transfer, you will not receive an e-mail.

Check and save

If you have activated the interface, save your settings. A check is automatically performed when you do this.

  • Can a connection be made with BuchhaltungsButler?
  • Are there duplicate accounts payable/accounts payable in Spesenfuchs?
  • Does each person have a unique personnel number

Spesenfuchs tries to automate as much as possible. However, for some information you will need to decide and store the correct information.

Prerequisites for the configuration

The following settings must match in BuchhaltungsButler and in Spesenfuchs:

  • The same chart of accounts must be set
  • The setting whether a creditor collective account is to be used must be the same.
  • The setting whether only one MLA collective item is to be used must be the same.
  • The setting whether creditors are to be used must be the same.
  • With the setting in BuchhaltungsButler under Settings-> Chart of accounts->Simplified scope, the interface cannot be used, as in this case certain accounts, which are fundamental for travel expense accounting, are not available.

"Use creditors" option

The option "Use creditors" has the following effects:

  • Use creditors=ON:

The fields in Spesenfuchs and in the reports are called " Creditor".
Creditor numbers must be in the range 70001 to 99999.
Creditor numbers must be created manually in Spesenfuchs and in BuchhaltungsButler.

  • Use creditors=OFF:

The fields in Spesenfuchs and in the reports are called "Payables account".
Payable accounts must be in the range 630 - 755, 1348 - 1349, 1371, 1700 - 1708, 1730, 1792, 1890 - 1899
The liability accounts must be created manually in Spesenfuchs and in BuchhaltungsButler


  • The setting whether you want to make the meal deduction directly from the per diem or as an extra booking is made under Settings->Accounting->Calculation.
  • Please note that Buchhaltungsbutler cannot import split postings when splitting hospitality according to 70/30. The complete amount is therefore transferred here and the 70/30 split must be done manually.
  • If charts of accounts are used that are NOT SKR03 or SKR04, it may not be possible to map all circumstances. In Spesenfuchs the accounts can be changed under Settings->Accounting.

Special cases

Low-value assets (MLA)

The account for low-value assets (SKR03 0480/SKR04 670) is not included in BuchhaltungsButler by default. If you want to enter vouchers with the voucher type Low-value assets in Spesenfuchs, please proceed as follows:

  1. Either activate the option "Only use MLA collective items" in the export settings.
  2. Or use a user-defined chart of accounts in Spesenfuchs and enter the corresponding account from BuchhaltungsButler for the document type for MLA (e.g. 4855 for SKR03).

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