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Kontolino! Export interface

Kontolino! is an online accounting software. If you use Kontolino!, you can configure the interface here and automatically transfer all bookings and receipts to Kontolino!

Kontolino! User token

To connect to Kontolino! you need your personal Kontolino! token. With this token you authenticate yourself as a Kontolino! user. You will find the token in the Kontolino! application under Import/Export -> User token. Copy the complete token and paste it into the Kontolino Token field in Spesenfuchs.

Interface active

In order to use the interface, you have to activate it. To do this, check the checkbox Interface active. This will show the export to Kontolino! in the export targets (only relevant for manual export) and you can set further options.

Synchronise automatically

You can perform a manual export to Kontolino! if you select Kontolino under Export in the main menu. However, the automatic export is much more convenient. Once you have finished setting up the interface, you will no longer have to do anything for the export. Every approved trip is automatically transferred to Kontolino! during the night. You will then see on the dashboard in the Export section whether the transfer was successful or whether you have to enter missing information manually.

Send e-mail to me after automatic export

This option sends you an email when the automatic export has been executed and data has been transferred or an error has occurred. If there is no travel to transfer, you will not receive an email.

Check and save

If you have activated the interface, save your settings. A check is automatically carried out when you do this. 

  • Can a connection be made to Kontolino!
  • If all users in Spesenfuchs have a unique personnel number

Spesenfuchs tries to automate as much as possible. However, for some information you have to decide and store the correct information. Please follow the instructions of the audit wizard.

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