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Calculation basis

On this page you set calculation bases for Spesenfuchs.

New trip with accommodation package

If you are an employee creating a trip that goes over several days, then Spesenfuchs activates the accommodation per diem. This is automatically turned off when you enter a hotel receipt for this travel period. In this case, you do not need to turn off this option.

However, if you do not enter the hotel receipt in Spesenfuchs, for example, because it has already been paid in advance by the company, then you must switch off the accommodation per diem for each trip. In order to simplify such cases or entries, you can set here that a newly created trip has no accommodation per diem activated by default. Please note that this setting may be overridden by the setting in a expense group.

25% lump sum balance

Add together the per diem for meals, travel and accommodation for a trip if the tax-exempt amounts have not yet been fully utilized there ("total calculation"). In this case, the sum of the lump sums is tax-free to the extent that it does not exceed the sum of the tax-free individual lump sums. The amount exceeding the tax-free lump sum is taxed uniformly at a flat rate of 25%, provided that the 100% limit is not exceeded. If these settings are deactivated, only the additional meal expenses are used as a basis for the 25% flat-rate tax.

You can find an example of this at: https://www.spesenfuchs.de/steuern-sparen-durch-reisekostenabrechnung/

Deduct meals from the lump sum

Normally, Spesenfuchs creates an extra booking record for meal deductions and also displays it in the booking list. Specify here whether meal deductions are to be deducted directly from the per diem and whether the additional posting record is to be waived.

Note: In some interfaces, e.g. lexoffice or sevDesk this is done automatically, regardless of this setting.

70/30 rule

For an entertainment it is distinguished whether it is a 100% deductible business entertainment or an entertainment with business partners, which is only 70% deductible.

If it is an entertainment with external business partners, Spesenfuchs will automatically create the split for each entertainment directly according to the 70/30 rule. If you do not want this automatic split, e.g. you want to do the 30% posting once a year for all entertainments, then turn this option off. Please note that the 30% booking will then not be done by Spesenfuchs.

Please note that not all export interfaces can handle the 70/30 split.

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