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Account assignment

Specify how the travel expenses are to be posted. The status of the billing person is important. The selection made has an effect on travel accounting, since no flat rates for overnight stays may be applied for self-employed persons; instead, accounting must always be carried out using itemized receipts (hotel vouchers).

  • Managing directors of a GmbH are usually employees.
  • An overnight allowance without receipt is only possible if the employer reimburses it to an employee, not if you claim income-related expenses or business expenses as a self-employed person.

Further, the accounts are different for self-employed and employees.

Note that when switching between Self-employed and Employed, trips already entered are not automatically recalculated . If the change is to apply to a trip that has already been entered, you must call up the trip and save it again.

Accounts payable

The employee's vendor account is used for the postings


Determine whether the regulations apply to you as a self-employed person or as an employee. If you are not sure, please consult your tax advisor.

Expense groups

This area is only available if you have created an individual expense group.

All expense groups that are allowed for this user are displayed. Set the expense group to default, which you use most often. When you create a new trip, this trip group is offered as default.


Use the Allowed column to define which expense groups the user is allowed to use. This enables you to assign a expense group to a user via the administration, but to temporarily remove it from a user, for example.

Cost center/cost unit

For more information, see the Cost Centers/Cost Objects section.

km rate car

Spesenfuchs uses the statutory mileage allowance for travel by car. If you want to use a custom km rate, select the checkbox and enter the desired rate in cents. Amounts above the statutory rate must be taxed. This is output accordingly in the reports.

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