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Payment methods

Payment methods are used within the receipts. When you select a payment method within a receipt, you determine the account to which this receipt is posted. Edit the existing payment methods here or create new payment methods.

Create new payment method

  • Create a new payment method by clicking on the green plus sign.
  • Assign a name and enter the account for the new payment method.
  • If you want the amount to be paid out, activate the checkbox Pay out amount
  • If you want the payment type to be displayed within Spesenfuchs, activate the checkbox Show payment method.
  • Select an icon for this payment type. This is only for display in the receipt overview
  • Click on Save

Edit payment method

  • Select a payment method
  • Change the desired values. Note that the change also affects trips that have already been entered.
  • Click on Save

Delete payment method

You can only delete a payment method if it has not yet been used. If the payment method has already been used, the function is not available. In this case, you can hide the payment type so that it can no longer be displayed and used within Spesenfuchs.

If the payment type has not yet been used, the Delete function is available.

  • Select a payment method
  • Click on the trash and confirm the dialogue

Meaning of the colours

  • Inactive payment methods are grey
  • Payment methods whose amount is paid out are green
  • Payment methods whose amount is not disbursed are blue.

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