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You can start the import via Settings -> Import. At least administrator rights are required for the import.

Import from a CSV file

If you want to create several employees at once in Spesenfuchs, importing is more convenient than creating each user individually via the interface.


  • Start the import from a CSV file.
  • Download the template and open the file with e.g. Microsoft Excel.
  • Do not change the headings in the file and do not add any headings. If you do not want to fill in certain columns, leave them blank.
  • Fill in one row for each staff member.
  • You must fill in the Name and Email fields, as these are mandatory fields in Spesenfuchs. All other fields are optional.
  • Save the file again in CSV format (UTF-8).
  • In Spesenfuchs, proceed to the second step of the import wizard. Click Select & Upload and select the file you just saved.
  • Select all the employees you want to import. If you do not want to import a staff member, uncheck the box for that staff member.
  • If you want the employees to record their trips themselves, set the checkbox to Yes. After the import, these employees will then receive an invitation by email so that they can register in Spesenfuchs. If you want to send the invitations at a later date, leave the switch set to No and send the invitations via the user administration.
  • The "i" at the end of a line may inform you why the data record cannot be imported. For example, in Spesenfuchs some fields must be present or must not be duplicated.
  • When you have checked your data, start the import process with Import
  • The wizard checks whether there are enough free user licences available. If necessary, you can add more licences at this point. Without sufficient licences, the import cannot be continued.
  • After the import, you will receive a summary of the imported data.
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