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Master data

Enter your personal details such as surname, first name, address and communication data.

Either a company name or the first and last name must be entered. All other fields are optional. You can also optionally enter your company logo. Please note that the logo must be of the file type PNG or JPG and must not exceed a maximum size of 2 megabytes.

When you enter entertainment, Spesenfuchs creates an entertainment receipt on demand. If you upload a signature from yourself in the master data, then the hospitality receipt will be signed automatically.

The master data is printed in the reports.

If the account holder's e-mail address is changed via the user administration, there is a risk that the account holder will be locked out. Therefore, the account holder's e-mail address can only be changed via the account holder's access data page. The e-mail in the user administration is for reading only. 

Cost centres/cost units are activated under Settings -> Administration.

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