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Approval workflow

Using the approval workflow, you can have employee travel reviewed by a supervisor. The supervisor can approve or reject the trip. The release gives the possibility of exporting the trip to the accounting department afterwards. If the trip is rejected by the supervisor, the employee can make corrections and send you back to the supervisor for review.

A video describing the workflow can be found here: Approval Workflow Video

Use approval workflow

To use the approval workflow, you must establish a supervisor - employee relationship. Perform the following steps:

  1. open the user administration
  2. Select the supervisor and go to the Roles/Rights page.
  3. Activate the checkbox Approve Trips for User (Supervisor) and save the change.
  4. Switch to the page Check/Release and select the employees for this supervisor in the lower section.

If you define only the supervisors in your company in the first step, or you have already defined them, then you can also go the opposite way and open an employee and assign a supervisor to him/her on the Review/Release page in the upper area.

Employees without supervisors

If you do not assign a supervisor to an employee, then the employee records his or her trips and releases them directly himself or herself.

Approval procedure

  1. the employee records his trip.
  2. When the user is finished with the entry, he clicks on the status In progress to change it.
  3. in the dialog that appears, he can enter a comment for the supervisor and send the trip for review.
  4. the supervisor receives a notice on the dashboard and via email that a trip is available for review.
  5. the supervisor goes to the approval view. Review and approval under the TEAM menu item.
  6. after checking the trip, he releases it or rejects it with a reason.
  7. the employee will now also receive a notice on the dashboard or via email that their trip has been reviewed.

Record travel as a deputy

If you enter trips as a deputy for an employee who must have his or her trips approved by a supervisor, then the approval workflow from that employee applies. I.e. the trip is sent to the employee's supervisor for approval, even if you may be able to approve trips yourself as a deputy or have a different supervisor yourself.

However, as a deputy, you will receive an email and the information on the dashboard about the result of the review by the supervisor.

Removing the supervisor - employee relationship

You can remove the assigned employees from a supervisor, or the supervisor from an employee, only when there are no more trips in review. So, to remove the relationship, do the following:

  • As a supervisor, check Team -> Review and Approve for outstanding trips. When all trips have been checked, you can remove the relationship.
  • As an employee, you can set all trips that are in review back to in record. After that, an administrator can remove the relationship.
  • Removing the relationship is also possible if the employee is assigned to another supervisor, or another supervisor is assigned the employee. This also removes the original relationship.


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