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Here you can see an overview of all users of your company in Spesenfuchs.

Name, email and role are displayed and whether the user is a deputy.

A user has one of the following statuses:

  • Locked
    The user is not allowed to log in to the system, but his data is preserved. Deputy, administrator or account holder can view but not modify his trips.
  • Invited
    The user is invited to log in to Spesenfuchs and assign a password. As long as the user has not accepted the invitation, no trips can be entered for him.
  • Invitation expired
    After 28 days, an invitation expires and the user must be invited again.
  • Passive
    If a user cannot enter trips themselves, then they are passive. He will then also not receive an email and will not be able to log in to Spesenfuchs.
  • Confirmed
    If a user has accepted the invitation to Spesenfuchs and has assigned his own password, he is confirmed.

Depending on the status of a user, he can be locked, unlocked, deleted or re-invited via the menu (the three vertically arranged dots on the right side of the tile, list or table).

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