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Receipt inbox

Receipt inbox helps you collect your receipts in advance or during a trip and assign them to a trip at a later time.

Upload receipts

  • The uploaded receipts are always assigned to the currently logged in person. The assignment can be changed later. (TEAM only)
  • Receipts can be uploaded to the receipt inbox in different ways:
    • Select up to 10 receipts and drag and drop them into the designated upload area.
    • Click on the + symbol to select up to 10 receipts.
    • Click in the upload area and select up to 10 receipts.
  • You can upload receipts of PNG, JPG/JPEG, BMP, GIF or PDF type with a maximum size of 5MB per file.
  • After uploading the receipts, a text recognition will be started automatically.

Edit receipt

Completely uploaded receipts are displayed with a preview image and the results of text recognition and can be edited using the pencil icon

Delete receipt

You can delete a receipt by using the icon with the trash can. If you want to delete multiple receipts, you can find the function in the Actions.


You can select one or more receipts by clicking on the receipt. The selected receipts are highlighted in color. As soon as you have selected a receipt, you will see a menu of actions on the right side (or in the lower area, depending on the resolution) of the window.

Select all

All receipts are selected. If you have more than 30 receipts in your document inbox, the first 30 receipts are automatically selected for further processing. If you want to process more than 30 receipts, repeat the process. If you want to add more than 30 receipts to a trip, create a trip with the first 30 receipts and add the other receipts within the trip.

Create trip

Adds one or more selected receipts to a new trip. A trip is created that sets the start and end dates of the trip according to the selected receipts. 

  • No hotel receipts can be added to a trip with identical or overlapping dates.
  • If receipts are assigned to different people, then the receipts are assigned to the person for whom you are creating the trip.
  • If you add multiple receipts, they must be within a 90-day period.

Change person

Uploaded receipts are always assigned to the person who is currently logged in. Assign uploaded receipts to a different person by selecting one or more receipts and choosing a different person.

Delete receipts

If you want to delete more than one receipt, select the receipts and delete them using the action menu.


If receipts are selected, you can cancel the selection by clicking Cancel.

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