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Your trips are displayed on the Trips page. Depending on the filter you will see all or only some trips. If you have not created a trip yet, you will see a green plus sign through which you can create your first trip. You can switch between different views. You will see a summary that refers exactly to the trips displayed at the moment. You can copy, delete or select trips for printing here. With the green plus sign you can create another new trip . You can select an individual trip toedit by clicking on it.

  The trips that match the filter and your user selection will be displayed.
In the case of a locked person, a lock is displayed in front of the name.


Use the following icons to switch between tile, list and table view: 


The filter allows you to limit the display of trips to a selection that match the filter criteria entered. Within the filter, you can add more filter criteria by clicking on "More options", such as restricting the display of trips to domestic trips or displaying only trips that have receipts.

Copy and delete

Click on the three vertically arranged dots on the right side of the tile, list or table and you will get a menu where you can copy or delete the respective trip. Please note: after confirming the dialog, the trip will be irrevocably deleted.


Click the trip selection icon () to select one or more trips for printing. A blue bar will appear at the bottom of the screen. Here you can select all trips matching the current filter at once or remove all trips from the selection.


Once you have selected one or more trips, you can open the PDF view of the trip(s) using the blue bar at the bottom of the screen.


The summary lists the following data for the currently displayed trips:

  • Time interval of the currently displayed trips
  • Total amount of the refund
  • Number of trips
  • Number of places visited
  • Number of nights
  • Average duration of trips
  • Sum of the driven car kilometers of the period. Motorcycle/scooter are not listed here.

The summary period refers to trips whose start dateis in the time period.

  The summary data refers to your user selection.
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