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The charts section is divided into two parts. In the upper section, you get a summary of all trips of the last 12 months. In the lower section you will find many graphical charts.


By clicking on the headline of the chart you get a menu in which you can switch to further charts. On the far right, you can switch between different diagrams using the icons.

  The data of the evaluation refers to your user selection.


The summary lists the following data for the past 12 months:

  • Total amount of reimbursements of the period
  • Number of trips of the period
  • Number of places visited in the period
  • Number of nights of the period
  • Average duration of trips of the period
  • Total car kilometres driven during the period. Motorcycles/scooters are not included here.

The period of the summary refers to trips whose start date is in the period.

  The dates of the summary refer to yourr user selection.
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