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Can I enter receipts without a trip?

Yes, you can also enter individual receipts as expenses in addition to the receipts for a trip. There are different ways to enter them:

  • If you are on the dashboard, you can choose between New trip and New receipt via the green PLUS sign. Click on New receipt.
  • Alternatively, click on Receipts in the Expenses menu. The list with your individual receipts opens. You can also enter a new individual receipt here using the green PLUS sign.
  • If you have already pre-entered receipts and these are in the receipt inbox, you can also create and settle one or more receipts from there as individual receipts. To do this, select the desired receipts in the receipt inbox and choose Create receipt from the actions menu.

Otherwise, the individual receipt entry behaves in the same way as the entry of a receipt within a trip. In the TEAM version, the receipts can also be sent to a supervisor for checking or entered by a deputy.

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