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lexoffice export interface


lexoffice is an online accounting software. If you use lexoffice, you can configure the interface here and automatically transfer all bookings and receipts to lexoffice.

Connect with lexoffice

Click the Connect to lexoffice button to connect Spesenfuchs to lexoffice. Enter your lexoffice access data consisting of e-mail and password in the corresponding fields and click Log in. Next, you will receive an authorization request. Select Allow access here. By doing so, you allow Spesenfuchs to read data from lexoffice and create new data.

Interface active

In order to use the interface, you must enable the interface. To do this, check the Interface active box. This will show the export to lexoffice in the export targets (only relevant for manual export) and you can set further options.

Synchronize automatically

You can perform a manual export to lexoffice if you select lexoffice in the main menu under Export. But much more comfortable is the automatic export. Once you have finished setting up the interface, you will not need to do anything for export in the future. Every trip with the status Entry completed is automatically transferred to lexoffice during the night. You will then see on the dashboard in the Export section if the transfer was successful or if you need to manually enter missing information.

Send email to me after automatic export

This option will send you an e-mail when the automatic export has been performed and data has been transferred or an error has occurred. If there is no travel for the transfer, you will not receive an email.

Transfer vouchers only

If you do not want to transfer per diems and kilometers resulting from the travel expense report to lexoffice, but only the receipts, then activate this checkbox.

Use only collective supplier

Activate this option if you do not want to assign the travel expense reports and the resulting postings to the employee's vendor account, but want to use the collective vendor in lexoffice.

Summarize private receipts

If this option is activated, all privately spent receipts, flat rates and trips are transferred to lexoffice as one receipt. Vouchers paid by the company are transferred as individual vouchers.

Check and save

Once you have activated the interface, save your settings. A check is performed automatically in this case.

  • Can a connection be established with lexoffice
  • Are all the required creditors available
  • Do all users in Spesenfuchs have a unique personnel number

Spesenfuchs tries to automate as much as possible. However, for some information you have to decide and deposit the correct information. Please follow the instructions of the exam assistant.

Disconnect from lexoffice

You can terminate an existing connection to lexoffice by clicking the Disconnect from lexoffice button. The connection will be automatically disconnected when you connect to another integration.

lexoffice accounts

lexoffice knows only a limited set of accounts. Spesenfuchs maps the accounts as follows:

Name of the accountSKR03SKR04lexoffice designation
Voluntary social expenses, exempt from payroll tax41406130Voluntary social expenses, exempt from payroll tax
Motor vehicle - taxes45107685Car tax
Car insurance45206520Motor vehicle insurances
Current vehicle operating costs45306530Gasoline
Gifts deductible without § 37b EStG46306610Gifts
Entertainment costs46506640Entertainment costs
Travel expenses in general46606650Trip EMP
Mileage reimbursement employee46686668Travel expenses EMP
Fax and Internet costs49256810Internet
Office supplies49306815Office supplies
Magazines, books49406820Magazines/Books
Training costs49456821Advanced training
Vehicle costs45006500Vehicle
Automotive repairs45406540Inspection/Repair
Garage rent45506550Parking space/garage rent
Rental lease car45706560Rental leasing car
Other motor vehicle costs45806570Other vehicle costs
Motor vehicle costs for motor vehicles used for business purposes and forming part of private assets45906590Cost of operat. Use of motor vehicle as private property
Representation costs46406630Representation costs
Attentions46536643Operational meetings
Non-deductible entertainment expenses46546644Entertainment expenses (not deductible)
Travel expenses entrepreneur46706670Travel
Travel expenses Entrepreneur Overnight expenses46766680Accommodation costs
Other operating expenses49006300Other expenses
Travel expenses employee travel expenses46636663Travel expenses EMP
Travel expenses Employee Additional subsistence expenses46646664Additional expenses for meals EMP
Travel expenses Employee Overnight Expenses46666660Overnight stay EMP
Travel expenses entrepreneur travel expenses45906590Cost of operat. Use of motor vehicle as private property
Travel expenses Entrepreneur Additional subsistence expenses46746674Additional expenses for meals
Travel expenses Entrepreneur Overnight expenses46766676Accommodation costs
Postings to these accounts may need to be checked and reposted, the lexoffice API does not allow or know about postings to these accounts. 
Low-value asset (self-employed status)480670Trip or trip EMP
Gifts not deductible without § 37b EStG46356620Trip or trip EMP
Fine/warning46556645Trip or trip EMP
Other limited deductible operating expenses (non-deductible portion)46526642Trip or trip EMP
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