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Chart of accounts

In the Settings -> Accounting menu, you can select and edit the chart of accounts.

You can choose between the SKR03 chart of accounts and the SKR04 chart of accounts. Here all accounts are predefined and no changes can be made to the existing accounts. Alternatively, you can use a custom chart of accounts.

Custom chart of accounts

After you select Custom in the Chart of Accounts selection, you can store a custom chart of accounts.

  • Assign a name for your chart of accounts. The designation is also used in the reports
  • If your chart of accounts differs from the SKR03/SKR04 chart of accounts only in some accounts, you can select it as a template and adjust only certain accounts
  • If necessary, adjust the travel expense specific accounts on this page and then switch to the Receipt Types tab to adjust these accounts as well
  • Accounts may not be empty and may only contain numbers
  • The change of accounts also has an effect on already recorded trips

Tip: When you are in an account with the cursor, you can easily jump to the next account using the Tab key.

Account length

You can set the length of G/L accounts between 4 and 6. If you enter a number greater than 4, the G/L accounts are extended accordingly by a zero at the end. In a custom chart of accounts, you can use leading zeros to create accounts that have fewer than 4 digits. In the Document types, Payment types and User/Vendor area you can store the other relevant accounts accordingly.

What accounts does Spesenfuchs use

Lump sums, benefits in kind, etc.

Designation in expense foxAccount nameSKR03SKR04
Deduction mealsOther benefits in kind (not goods) offset85904940
Overnight accommodation allowance employeeTravel expenses Employee Overnight Expenses46666660
Accommodation lump sum entrepreneurTravel expenses Entrepreneur Overnight expenses46766680
Per diem employeeTravel expenses Employee Additional subsistence expenses46646664
Per diem entrepreneurTravel expenses Entrepreneur Additional subsistence expenses46746674
Ride entrepreneurMotor vehicle expenses (private vehicles)
Ride employeeMileage reimbursement employee46686668



Designation in expense foxAccount nameSKR03SKR04
Hotel (Self-employed status)Travel expenses Entrepreneur Overnight expenses46766680
Hotel (status Employed)Travel expenses Employee Overnight Expenses46666660
Parking fees (status self-employed)Travel expenses entrepreneur46706670
Parking fees (status employee)Travel expenses employee46606650
General travel expenses (self-employed status)Travel expenses entrepreneur46706670
General travel expenses (status employee)Travel expenses employee46606650
Cab (status Employed)Travel expenses employee travel expenses46636663
Cab (Self-employed status)Travel expenses entrepreneur travel expenses46736673
Entertainment costsEntertainment costs46506640
Low-value asset (status self-employed)Low-value assets480670
Low-value asset (employee status)Low-value assets480670
Fax and Internet costsFax and Internet costs49256810
Other operating expensesOther operating expenses49006300
Vehicle costsVehicle costs45006500
Vehicle taxesMotor vehicle - taxes45107685
Car insuranceCar insurance45206520
Gasoline, car wash (current vehicle operating costs)Current vehicle operating costs45306530
Automotive repairsAutomotive repairs45406540
Garage rentGarage rent45506550
Rental leasing carRental leasing car45706560
Other motor vehicle costsOther motor vehicle costs45806570
Vehicle costs for operat. motor vehicles used (private assets)Motor vehicle costs for motor vehicles used for business purposes and forming part of private assets45906590
Rental car (incl. fuel rental car)Third-party vehicle costs45956595
Gifts (status self-employed)Gifts deductible without § 37b EStG46306610
Gifts (status Employed)Gifts not deductible without § 37b EStG46356620
Non-deductible entertainment expensesNon-deductible entertainment expenses46546644
Fine/warningNon-deductible business expenses from advertising and representation costs46556645
TipOther operating expenses49006300
Office suppliesOffice supplies49306815
Magazines, booksMagazines, books49406820
Training costsTraining costs49456821
Flight (Self-employed status)Travel expenses entrepreneur travel expenses46736673
Flight (status Employed)Travel expenses employee travel expenses46636663
Bus/Train/Ferry (Self-employed status)Travel expenses entrepreneur travel expenses46736673
Bus/Train/Ferry (status Employed)Travel expenses employee travel expenses46636663
Third party work salesThird party work sales47806780
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